Robert Lamar


Robert Lamar’s “Theatre of the Mind” is a production which is both an experience as well as an education. I believe I cannot do the show justice by simply writing the event down, but I find it necessary to give you a small sense of how the production entertains and amazes the audience.

As soon as you walk into the theatre you are put into a state of relaxation and anticipation produced by the playing of gregorian chants which Robert plays as the audience assembles.

When the lights dim, the curtain opens to a stage which is completely dark. The music builds to an exciting opening of lights and sound introducing Robert to the stage. Lamar welcomes his audience and begins his explanation of hypnosis. He begins by telling the audience that a person who is in the creative conscious state is in control at all times and would not do anything which they would not want to do.

After his short explanation, Lamar invites audience volunteers to the stage at which time he gives them a short but entertaining test to see if the volunteers are in a mind state which would allow them to become willing participants in the show.

After the test segment of the show, the full induction to the state of creative consciousness takes place. At this time the audience is told that they must remain totally silent, any noise at this critical time may interrupt the volunteers’ concentration which would prevent them from entering the level of mind set needed for the performance.

I should note at this time that Lamar has performed in many shows at high schools and junior highs and at no time has there ever been an incident where an audience member has interrupted the induction, preventing Lamar from creating the consciousness level required.

After the induction, the level of noise is no longer a problem and the full entertainment value of the production begins.

From show and tell at eight years old or taking on the personality of the volunteers’ most favorite entertainer, the show becomes a very funny and exciting program. With the help of the high tech lighting and sound, the show is not soon forgotten and because the volunteers have their individual personalities, even though the show’s format is the same, the show is different every night

“Theatre of the Mind” is a new concept in creative consciousness and Lamar’s sensitivity to ones own feelings helps make the show clean and one the whole family can enjoy.

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