Rain Room

A similar unit is used by Coca-Cola at Canada’s Wonderland. Rain Room misting systems consist of a structure, spray configuration, and pumping station. Rain Room creates a very fine, windy mist that displaces the existing hot humid environment. Based on wind chill, Rain Room creates an environment up to 40 degrees cooler than the ambient air temperature… even in high humidity. Environmentally friendly, Rain Room uses only 1/3 of the water used by a common household garden hose.


RAZZMATAZZ FOR KIDS, the trio of guitarist Sandy Greenberg, wacky front-man Thomas Cormier (T.C.) and fiddler extraordinaire Gordon Stobbe tour North America from their home-base in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with an exciting, interactive concert of original songs and traditional tunes. Participation and comedy draw the audience into this multi-cultural program featuring French-Acadian, Klezmer, Celtic, Canadian, Appalachian, Blues, Latin Percussion, and Rockabilly styles of music. Every note in their concerts is live, with no pre-programmed tracks, and some of the instruments they play are acoustic guitar, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, harmonica, kazoo, wooden spoons, Cajun wrought-iron triangle, Cajun stainless steel rub-board, and other percussion instruments. RAZZMATAZZ has been entertaining children and families since 1990 at hundreds of venues, including festivals, theatres, and schools, and corporate functions, both in Canada and the United States, delighting kids, parents, and teachers. CBC has featured them on Sesame Street and Sesame Park, and they performed with Symphony Nova Scotia, to a standing ovation. They released their self-titled recording, Razzmatazz for Kids, in 1994, and it has garnered several awards and many glowing reviews.

Rod Doiron

Rod has been involved with magic since he was a child. He began performing professionally in 1987 as a corporate entertainer and includes, as his specialties:

Close-Up magic
(Magic performed before your eyes, table-to-table, stand-up, or walk-around)

A Mentalism stage show
(Demonstrations of Extra Sensory Perception effects including mind reading, prediction, influence) And does it all with a touch (or two) of humor.

Rod has performed at numerous benefits and for programs fighting teenage drug abuse.

He has performed on MuchMusic and is a familiar guest on local television.

He enjoys playing for groups of all sizes from small intimate gatherings to large theatres and auditoriums.

Rod entertains at business functions, house parties, in-store promotional events, fund-raising dinners, restaurants, staff functions, client appreciation celebrations, annual meetings, and much more.

For seven years he performed weekly at a local restaurant.

Rod can provide that “something different” you’re looking for and can make any event coordinator look better in the process.