RAZZMATAZZ FOR KIDS, the trio of guitarist Sandy Greenberg, wacky front-man Thomas Cormier (T.C.) and fiddler extraordinaire Gordon Stobbe tour North America from their home-base in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with an exciting, interactive concert of original songs and traditional tunes. Participation and comedy draw the audience into this multi-cultural program featuring French-Acadian, Klezmer, Celtic, Canadian, Appalachian, Blues, Latin Percussion, and Rockabilly styles of music. Every note in their concerts is live, with no pre-programmed tracks, and some of the instruments they play are acoustic guitar, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, harmonica, kazoo, wooden spoons, Cajun wrought-iron triangle, Cajun stainless steel rub-board, and other percussion instruments. RAZZMATAZZ has been entertaining children and families since 1990 at hundreds of venues, including festivals, theatres, and schools, and corporate functions, both in Canada and the United States, delighting kids, parents, and teachers. CBC has featured them on Sesame Street and Sesame Park, and they performed with Symphony Nova Scotia, to a standing ovation. They released their self-titled recording, Razzmatazz for Kids, in 1994, and it has garnered several awards and many glowing reviews.

Rod Doiron

Rod has been involved with magic since he was a child. He began performing professionally in 1987 as a corporate entertainer and includes, as his specialties:

Close-Up magic
(Magic performed before your eyes, table-to-table, stand-up, or walk-around)

A Mentalism stage show
(Demonstrations of Extra Sensory Perception effects including mind reading, prediction, influence) And does it all with a touch (or two) of humor.

Rod has performed at numerous benefits and for programs fighting teenage drug abuse.

He has performed on MuchMusic and is a familiar guest on local television.

He enjoys playing for groups of all sizes from small intimate gatherings to large theatres and auditoriums.

Rod entertains at business functions, house parties, in-store promotional events, fund-raising dinners, restaurants, staff functions, client appreciation celebrations, annual meetings, and much more.

For seven years he performed weekly at a local restaurant.

Rod can provide that “something different” you’re looking for and can make any event coordinator look better in the process.

Audrey & Alex

These two polished performers offer an exciting musical show for toddlers to pre teens. Performing original sing-along and action songs, and encouraging active audience participation, Audrey & Alex ensure that the parents have as much fun as the kids! With two ECMA awards and over 2000 concerts under their belts, Audrey & Alex have the experience and talent to please the entire family!
The duo since teaming up seven years ago has performed hundreds concerts in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, Ontario, Quebec and Labrador. In addition to their full and varied (styles) repertoire of original music performed, Audrey and Alex weave the show together with comedy and stories creating a smooth-flowing style which has endeared them to a growing audience.

Their show has been simply described as follows:

“Features original songs and a few popular novelty tunes, with a generous smattering of comedy throughout; The mood is heightened with costumes, masks and props as they perform many styles of music. It’s difficult to guess what’s coming next.”

The comedy of their performances has been likened to that of Abbott and Costello and to Lucy and Desi. The show also always undertakes to include a great deal of audience participation.

Each season sees the duo completing 250/350 concerts. The bulk of their performing has been in schools, however it also includes such events as Ottawa on Canada Day, Kids World – Halifax, Nova Scotia, Festival of The Arts – Centre Bras d’Or, Moncton Children’s Festival, Apple Blossom Festival, Not Just For Kids Concert Series, Shriner’s Christmas Fantasy Tour, to name a few. We are told by the Musicians’ Union that for the last three years they have been the most heavily booked act of any band in Nova Scotia.

Robert Lamar


Robert Lamar’s “Theatre of the Mind” is a production which is both an experience as well as an education. I believe I cannot do the show justice by simply writing the event down, but I find it necessary to give you a small sense of how the production entertains and amazes the audience.

As soon as you walk into the theatre you are put into a state of relaxation and anticipation produced by the playing of gregorian chants which Robert plays as the audience assembles.

When the lights dim, the curtain opens to a stage which is completely dark. The music builds to an exciting opening of lights and sound introducing Robert to the stage. Lamar welcomes his audience and begins his explanation of hypnosis. He begins by telling the audience that a person who is in the creative conscious state is in control at all times and would not do anything which they would not want to do.

After his short explanation, Lamar invites audience volunteers to the stage at which time he gives them a short but entertaining test to see if the volunteers are in a mind state which would allow them to become willing participants in the show.

After the test segment of the show, the full induction to the state of creative consciousness takes place. At this time the audience is told that they must remain totally silent, any noise at this critical time may interrupt the volunteers’ concentration which would prevent them from entering the level of mind set needed for the performance.

I should note at this time that Lamar has performed in many shows at high schools and junior highs and at no time has there ever been an incident where an audience member has interrupted the induction, preventing Lamar from creating the consciousness level required.

After the induction, the level of noise is no longer a problem and the full entertainment value of the production begins.

From show and tell at eight years old or taking on the personality of the volunteers’ most favorite entertainer, the show becomes a very funny and exciting program. With the help of the high tech lighting and sound, the show is not soon forgotten and because the volunteers have their individual personalities, even though the show’s format is the same, the show is different every night

“Theatre of the Mind” is a new concept in creative consciousness and Lamar’s sensitivity to ones own feelings helps make the show clean and one the whole family can enjoy.

Ian Stewart

For over a decade Ian Stewart has been entertaining audiences of all sizes. A partial list of past clients would include: The South Shore Exhibition, The Queens County Exhibition, The Cumberland County Exhibition, The Digby County Exhibition, Cardigan PEI’s Canada Day Celebrations, Mount Saint Vincent University, Ski Wentworth, Home Hardware Stores Ltd., The Metro Halifax Food Bank Society, Tim Horton Ltd., Zellers Inc., Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce, Toronto Dominion Bank and Scotia Bank.

“I would have no difficulty in recommending you to any event managers. I have engaged many artists with hypnotic shows over the years and I can say that you stand with the best of them.” – Dave Coombes, Manager of the Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition. “Never had such a great time. We’re looking foreword to having you back. Keep up the great work Ian!” Trina Gordon, event coordinator for the Alberton Community Centre, Prince Edward Island. “Your hypnotism show was amazingly entertaining. A great number of guests approached me and commented on what a wonderful show you put on.” – Karen McNeil, past graduating class President of the Maritime Forest Ranger School.

“Ian, this is Amanda, one of the people you hypnotized last night at the exhibition in Oxford!! I just want to say thank you so much for that wonderful experience!! I had a great time!!! All of my friends are going crazy about it!! They thought I was crazy for going up!! But I am glad I did!! And thanks a bunch, and if you have another show near my town, you can bet I will be there!!”

Book Ian Stewart for your next event and amaze your friends!

Dream with Dean

See the amazing reactions of people as “Dean” puts them through this Fast Paced Adult Oriented Show.

For 4 years, Dean has been entertaining adult audiences and giving the people what they want. You won’t believe your eyes until it happens to you or someone you know.

“Dream with Dean was the funniest show they’ve ever seen.” Says the staff at McGonagals pub in Brantford Ontario

“If your easily offended, you better stay home.” Is what the ships company of the HMCS Winnipeg had to say.

Once you see the show you will want to see it again just to be sure you weren’t dreaming. “Or were you”!

Hypno Harry

Hypno Harry has been entertaining people of all ages for the past four years. If you haven’t already seen the show you won’t want to miss it.

Imagine your friends or family members, or even yourself going on a roller coaster ride right in your own seat or thinking you are on the Titanic and it’s sinking.

That’s just the beginning. What if you thought everyone was invisible or you couldn’t remember your own name! Imagine your male friends thinking they are Ballerinas dancing around in pink Tutus.

These are just a few of the crazy things that “Hypno Harry” will have you doing. “Hypno Harry” will have you laughing even after the show is over and your leaving the building and your friends realize they are wearing their shoes on the wrong feet.

Many People are still skeptical of Hypnosis, but when “Hypno Harry” is finished the show you will be a believer, and if you’re not, come up on the stage next time!!!

Patrick Drake

Patrick Drake is an internationally recognized magic/comedy entertainer who has performed in such locations as Cancun, Singapore, New York, Las Vegas and Cuba with his unique blend of comedy and astounding sleight of hand. He has performed for the likes of Wayne Gretzky as well as the President of the Republic of Singapore. He is a recent winner of the Canadian Association of Magicians National Magic Championship and was also the recipient of the coveted “People’s Choice” award. Patrick has recently been chosen to perform in the Montreal “Just For Laugh’s” Comedy Festival – the first time a magician has been invited to perform in this prestigious festival. With the addition of Patrick into your event’s entertainment line-up, you can guarantee that your event will be one that will be talked about for a long time to come