Team Building

The purpose of the Ultimate Game Challenge is to promote team spirit and build moral among company employee’s and management. Games and other activities are great for this and something to remember for a long time to come.

All Games and length of each competition will be decided in advance by the purchaser with our consulting team and the amount of team players and team names or colors will also be decided in advance of the competition.

As the games begin, each team will line up at the entrance to the games, (music will be playing in the background for effect), while the M/C introduces the teams by name or colour and welcomes them to the Ultimate Game Challenge. Teams are now “Ready To Rumble”!

The selected officials will be given their charts sheets to keep track of the contestants and each event outcome. The M/C suggests that we are here to have Fun, Fun, Fun, and then he will announce any rules that apply before we begin.

The competition will begin. Music will be playing over the PA. and selected music will be played throughout the competition ie; “Space Odyssey” opening intro to “Eye of the Tiger”, “I will Survive”, “Everyone’s a Winner”, “Final Countdown” and so on.

The M/C will introduce each game and provide a brief explanation of how each game is played. We will be using digital timers on each game to keep everything rolling smooth. We will start with a pre-selected game order and then proceed to each new event Games will continue, one after the other, finishing with a pre-selected closing game.

Officials will tally up each of the previous game winners (Teams) and the M/C will make a final announcement declaring the overall Team winner of the “Ultimate Game Challenge”. “We are the Champions” will be playing and we will pass out certificates to each of the contestants and express our thanks for participating in the Ultimate Game Challenge.